Marlère : South West Region life style !

Discovering tastes and vineyards with Art

In love with the French South West Region, Maison Marlère embraces its main value : sharing !

Maison Marlère offers an elegant range of wines which are grown in different « terroirs »  and composed of diverses grape varieties. Our wines are mainly selected among independent properties that are spread through the rich and vast south west vineyard of France. It is an authentic landmark spreading friendliness, a unique taste of pleasure and sun !

Through its distinctive concepts, Maison Maison tends to introduce new approaches regarding the current  wine offer’ which have two main purposes : Answering people’s expectations while surprising the customer’s view. 

Discover here  our unique « food and wine pairing » range ,  the delightful aperitif wine « Heure Propice » and our surprising Wine and Art Collection.

Good time

l'heure propice 2018

What time is it ?



 After a hard day at work, who has never dreamed of a nice and refreshing drink? For this summer, Maison Marlère is proud to launch its fruity and crispy white wine!


 Our wine «  Heure Propice » is composed of two famous grape varieties, mainly grown in south west of france, called «  Gros Manseng » and « Petit Manseng ».


 Heure Propice is the good time ! made in the mood for happy time, smily time, funny time ! Time to say as in french : “L’Heure Propice !”

Wine Selection Committee

Maison Marlère  –  Wine Selection Committee

Maison Marlère mission is to provide customers a premium range of wines, composed of French South West wines. To reach this purpose, we required the help of talented professionals from the wine industry to be part of the « Maison Maison Premium Wine Sélection ». Thus, we gathered « sommeliers », « chefs », « wine critic journalists » which their mission is to taste and select the range of wines we are now offering you in supermarkets. 

Jérôme Baradat : Maison Marlère founder

Maison marlere qui sommes nous jerome baradat
Jérôme Baradat

Jérôme started his career in the wine industry. His first experiences were made between France and California. He also chose to gain experience in the food sector in which he worked for 10 years abroad. This is why he came up with a unique project that combines the two working fields he was involved in for years : wine and  french gastronomy. Maison Marlère tends to offer available and premium wines to make customer’s choices easier.

Here is his philosophy : To eat well, to drink well and spend your money well.

Jérôme has been raised near the pyrenees, in the French South West town named Pau. Proud of his food and wine heritage, Maison Marlère tends to promote the quality of regionals products.

Sébastien Zozaya : Inopia Traiteur, Biarritz (64)

From the French Basque country, Sébastien Zozaya has an impressive career as a michelin star chef. He had many experiences in prestigious establishments, accompanying the work of reknown chefs. He worked six years in Barcelona with Martin Berasategui (3*)  where he quickly grew his reputation. He shared and offered his new dish creations in Paris and Dubai until 2011 when he decided to come back to his home town : Biarritz.

Once settled back in the south west of France, he ran for the french best caterer contest which he won in 2016! In 2017, he also became the world second best caterer !

Jérôme Busato : Maison Rouge, Sablet (84)


Jerôme Busato and his wife Celi in their Vaucluse vineyards

From his young age, Jérôme Busato always had the wish to own his wine merchant company. After a unique experience at Château Haut Marbuzet, located in Saint Estèphe, he decided to expand his knowledge by travelling all over the world ; Bordeaux, Bourgogne, Languedoc, Andalousie, Mancha , Palestine and Madagascar.

Later with his wife, he founded their own wine merchant company «  la maison rouge ».  On the side, he entirely built a wine chateau called « COHOLA », situed in « Vaucluse, Côtes du Rhônes ».