Wine pairings

How to select the right wine ?

Buying wine in the supermarket can be a tricky task for many customers. It is easy to get lost or be undecided when choosing from the vast selection of wines… Wine and food is a marriage everyone enjoys, but finding the right wine to accompany the food can be difficult. Not everyone is a wine specialist and even if you are, the busy aise of wine does not help customers choice.

Which wine to choose ?

Marlère has decided to share their knowledge of wine and food by creating the first range dedicated to the two elements. Every wine chosen in the new range has many complementary dishes which are shown on our labels. So you can enjoy the taste of the South West of France to its it`s fullest potential.

Discover our range of high quality wines which are produced in independent wine growers properties. Get the opportunity to share them for unique, easy and tasty moments.

range ” Les Accords Parfaits ” / Wine pairing by Maison Marlère

range ” Les Heures Heureuses” by Maison Marlère

range ” La Petite Auberge ” by Maison Marlère